No matter in what way you have painted your house, the faux wooden Blinds Installing being a timeless piece can look good with all sorts of décor. The faux wooden blinds are not the real piece of wood fitted in your windows but rather the wooden grain look is precisely copied to increase the aesthetics of your home. Just by controlling the amount of light entering your house, you can increase the curb appeal of your home. If you have prior experience fitting the blinds then installing faux wood blinds won’t be a hassle for you at all. Without further ado, let’s explore the style variation, measurement method, and installation process.

For detailed instructions on Faux Wood Blinds Installation, explore our comprehensive guide. Learn about style variations, measurement techniques, and step-by-step installation processes for perfect window treatments.

faux wooden Blinds Installing

Style Variation for Wooden Faux Blinds Installing

The style variations in wooden faux blinds are endless as their plethora of color options and designs. As per your personal preference and type of window you can choose from cordless, pull cord, and multiple other options. These blinds are available to the user in multiple grain style and decorative tapes so that they serve the purpose of style in your home. The natural color and style though look extra classy but you can also opt for contemporary designs such as grey faux wood blinds and white wooden blinds for a great finish.

The design options are endless as you can explore options like alder, and cedar to elevate the vibe of a cozy spot. While on the homes with a front view of the fountain can use eucalyptus faux wood Blinds Installing to create beach beach-inspired look to your home. If you choose a reliable blind installation company you even get Custom window coverings as per the length and style of your window.

 Main Factors to Consider While Purchasing Wooden Faux Blinds

If decorative faux elements are your first preference, we recommend that not solely rely on aesthetics but instead focus on durability, price point, and other factors too.

 Functionality – The key role of the blinds is to control the amount of light entering your premises. The blind you choose should be energy-efficient b and should play its role in the reduction of the noise levels.

 Durability – The durability of the blinds can be analyzed from various factors that whether they can withstand humidity, moisture, and extreme weather conditions. Compared to the original wooden blinds faux wooden Blinds Installing are tested which showed that they can withstand UV rays, moisture, and much more.

 Value for money – Faux wooden blinds offer great value for money depending upon the style and aesthetic appeal of it. Blinds for large windows usually cost more and fall in the range of $50-$300.

Tools needed for Installation of Wooden Faux Blind

 Before jumping straight to the installation process, it is important to gather the essential tool kit so that you can install faux wooden blind with ease.

· Power Drill- The drill will make the installation process simpler and quicker as you can easily fix the screws

· Pencil or pen – These are used to mark the drill holes so that you can aptly fix the wooden blinds afterward

· Ladder – In case the height of the windows is greater reaching the top of the window frame won’t be possible without the help of the step ladder

· Level – A level will make sure that the installation of blinds is done straight

· Drill bit – This is used to create a smaller circular cross-sectional area hole than the screws

· Cloth Tapes- This is an optional product that is used to cover the holes where the cords go through after installing wood faux blinds. Although not necessary but they do provide a finished look.

faux wooden Blinds Installing

Measuring Wooden Faux Blinds

 Like the Curtain installation, the installation of faux blinds requires you to have a piece of paper pen and an inch of tape for precise measurements. Follow this guide so that you can take accurate measurements.

 Choosing the right mounting option

 You can mount your blinds in various ways including inside, outside, and partial inside mount. Inside mount usually gives a more streamlined look and wants you to measure the window frame from three points including the top , bottom and middle point. Outside mounting is recommended for all those who want extra light coverage in their homes. Lastly partial mounting is a great fit for Blinds Installing for small windows with shallow depth and installation is done in a way that shades are mounted outside while slats are at the inner side.

 Measurement of the Width Blinds Installing

 The accurate measurement of the width from the top, middle and the bottom of the window is important. Also, make sure that you take into account the obstructions such as the pan and handles in between .

Measurement of the Height

For the height measurement, measure it from multiple points specially from the left and the right of the window. Jot down the measurement on a piece of paper so that you won’t mess it up later at the time of buying Blinds Installing.

How to install the modern faux wood blinds?

Now if you have penned down the measurements now is the time for installing faux wood blinds. The step-by-step guide for the installation of your faux wood Blinds Installing involves the following steps:

 Mounting the Brackets

Hold the bracket to the mark you have decided earlier to place the bracket. Use the screws to attach the bracket to the mounting surface and tighten them. For larger windows, the middle bracket is also required to provide support.

 Attaching the Headrail

It’s time to attach the long piece of blind that holds the slats. To align the headrail, it is important to hold the headrail over the brackets. Attach the valance clips insert the headrail in the brackets and make sure that it is securely in place with the box bracket.

 Installation of Slats

Starting from the right end you need to thread the slats through the cord ladders on the headrail. Ensure that the curved side of the slat is facing you. Once the slats are aligned well now is the time to attach the bottom rail to lock the bottom of the slats. Make sure that the slats move smoothly and function well. Tada! You have successfully installed the wooden faux blinds.

Looking for professional assistance with your blinds installation? Consider hiring a reputable blinds installation company to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.


The precise measurement is the key to perfect installation. While installing faux wood blinds make sure that you use the drill machine at the exact point to avoid future inconvenience. By following the detailed guide on measurement and installation you can maintain your Blinds Installing for optimal performance. The expert installation means that you can enjoy the added benefits of light control, and privacy by adding aesthetic value to your home.

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