Garage door installation & Repair Services in Lady Lake, FL

Garage door installation Services in Lady Lake, FL

The garage doors are among the fundamental security elements of a house. These offer security for your loved ones in addition to safeguarding your car. The garage, which is one of your home’s largest entrances, is protected with garage doors. It’s essential to lock down this entryway to protect your family.  

You should think about hiring the greatest services because settling for mediocre ones won’t help you now. One of the best garage door installation companies & contractors in the area is MT Garage Doors. Unlike amateurs, we understand the value of a garage and take great care in every aspect of the installation.

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It takes more than just moving a garage into position and fastening all the fasteners to complete the installation. It’s far more than that in actuality. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no unsecured parts in the garage that could be compromised. To be sure that nobody else can open the garage door or enter your house without your consent, our experts also offer Custom garage remote sensor programming services. You will have peace of mind and a sense of security. So, call our experts now. 


Schedule a consultation today for personalized garage door solutions. Our skilled professionals ensure seamless installations, repairs, and upgrades.

Garage door repair Services in Lady Lake, FL

 it’s critical to maintain your current garage door because failing to do so will result in the need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing it. You will additionally have to pay an expert to install it on top of that. Continuing to use your garage while it is damaged is one of the worst things you can do for it. Should you see even the tiniest indication of damage, you should contact an expert garage door repairman right away.


We have been servicing our lovely town for years and are the best garage door repair company & contractor in the area. Maintaining the health of your garage will allow you to use it for more time and get the most out of your investment. We want to offer this during our services. Rather than just fixing the damaged region, our professionals will meticulously identify the underlying source of the problem. It will guarantee that you won’t experience the same problem with the garage once it has been fixed.

Your garage’s lifespan will be greatly extended by our professional residential motor repair services, and you won’t have to deal with this annoyance ever again. For a long-lasting garage, contact us right now.

Blinds installation Services in Lady Lake, FL

Windows are a necessary component of any house. They provide ventilation, bring in natural light, create a stunning vista, and elongate the appearance of your house. Large, slidable windows are becoming more and more popular in Lady Lake, FL. Your home appears significantly larger with these windows, which also improve the view outside. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage to having so big windows, and that disadvantage is privacy. Typically, large windows are placed one after the other to provide a large space from which to view the outdoors. Strangers can now gaze into your home through the same windows, something that none of us would want. This puts you in the open, making it possible for strangers to see what you are doing and when.

Seeking assistance from the best blinds installation companies & contractors in your neighborhood is the answer. We are a reputable business that offers the most reliable installation in the region. Strict criteria are adhered to by our professionals to ensure that you have seamless blinds that completely enclose your windows, eliminating any potential for outsiders to peek inside your home. We offer motorized, smart blind installation services for homes so you may operate the blinds with a single button press. With these customized blinds, you can residential motorised, smart, blinds installation services. Thus, give us a call right now to have our blind professionals install yours.

Retractable Screen Installation Services in Lady Lake, FL

The majority of the garages are filled with debris and are dimly lit. People store a variety of other items in the garage in addition to the automobile, including bed linens, plastic bags, outdated appliances, and many other items. These items are frequently kept in garages by homeowners in an effort to conserve space and make the garage function more like a storeroom. 

When you are using the empty space in your home, this may seem like a fantastic idea, but there are a lot of problems with it. Infestation by pests is one such problem. Given the amount of debris and lack of natural light, your garage will be an ideal habitat for pests to thrive. 

You should consider getting our professional retractable screen installation services in Lady Lake, FL. Our professionals will install retractable screens if you want to avoid all the hassle. Numerous such projects have been completed by our skilled locals, giving our clients light-filled, air-conditioned garages. This will guarantee that your garage is pest-free. 

Additionally, you will feel guilty if you keep any useless items in your garage. Additionally, our experts will advise you on the best paints and materials to help you create a garage that you will like. Thus, give us a call right now to get Residential & Commercial garage Screen Door Installation.


Manny Balingit
Manny Balingit
May 24, 2023
Alan and his staff are true professionals. I contracted them to install MagnaTrack/Progressive screens for my lanai and the results were impeccable. This company prides itself with its workmanship and customer service and I highly recommend them.
Ralph Epperson
Ralph Epperson
April 10, 2023
Our screen was completely out of the track and wouldn’t go up or down. Seth came and had it fixed within an hour. He was very knowledgeable and polite. We definitely recommend Seth and Master’s Touch!!
Ron Eddy
Ron Eddy
March 23, 2023
Ready to leave the house this morning for an appointment and oh no, garage door would not open. Called Master's Touch, left a message and within 10 minutes got a call back. They were able to come out this afternoon and installed a new spring. Seth was courteous and personable. Absolutely recommend them for any garage doors issues you may have.
March 21, 2023
We have had two very positive experiences with Master’s Touch. Alan scheduled us for same day service in both instances. Kyle was timely, friendly, and professional and both problems resolved in one visit! The pricing was reasonable. Highly recommend!!
Barbara Silva
Barbara Silva
February 15, 2023
I was very satisfied with them. They came to check my door the same day & resolved the problem. The tech, Kyle, was very friendly, professional, explained the issue & repaired the problem. I would recommend them in a minute.
Mark Goldberg
Mark Goldberg
January 30, 2023
We couldn't be more pleased having Master's Touch Garage Door repair our garage door. This was an emergency repair as we were unable to open our door due to broken springs which lift the door. Technician Seth was a pleasure to have here and he did an excellent repair explaining the steps to the fix. I highly recommend Master's Touch for your garage door repairs or installation. Thanks Seth !!!!
Colly Smith
Colly Smith
January 23, 2023
Perfect service. They are patient with customer schedules and won't try to oversell.
January 20, 2023
Excellent service!!! They came out within hours of me calling. The technician was very knowledgeable, polite, and courteous. He was very meticulous to assure that he would not damage anything and he even cleaned-up after himself!!! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! He completed the work in a very short time too!!! Joe
Steven Melendez
Steven Melendez
October 21, 2022
Great service. Very professional. My garage door bottom seal was cracked and allowing water and bugs in. Master’s Touch Garage Doors responded and replaced the seal with ease. I will definitely recommend their service.