Are you facing difficulty in making the right choice of selecting blinds for installation? If yes, this extensive guide will help you to know about different types of blinds, maintenance tips along with the importance of professionals for window blinds installation.  As you delve into the details you will explore a plethora of options for patio, living room, and bedroom windows.

Different Types of Blinds You Need To Know

Windows being an integral part of the home let the light in and contribute to the interior of the home. If you are facing difficulty in picking one particular type of blind for installation then here’s the guide for you

Vertical Blinds- The Classic One

Easy to operate yet plain and stylish! Yes, these blinds are the go-to choice for people all over the world. The sleek slates not only add a modern touch to your home but are used in modern workspaces where light control is essential. These blinds are particularly ideal for larger windows so that only a small amount of sunlight will pass through them. If you have a sliding patio door then you can use the vertical blinds for Window Blinds Installation with multiple vertical louvers that rotate from left to right.

Horizontal blinds – Simple yet Elegant

Up or down horizontally yes that’s the only difference between the vertical and horizontal rollers. These blinds offer a perfect blend of privacy and light control so that you can rest in your space with ease. This particular type can suite well with all sorts of windows (small, large, sliding). As they are made of lightweight material so you can easily keep them at the side at night time. To give a modern touch to your windows purchase horizontal blind.

Wooden blinds – A touch of Luxury

Wooden blinds are timeless pieces that go with all the paint colors and decorations. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are extremely durable and require little maintenance. If you buy this product from a high-end store, you will also have other wooden-stained options to make it a little fancier. The wood blinds are available both in the horizontal and vertical style.

Aluminum Blinds- Affordable yet lightweight

The lightweight nature of these blinds makes them easy to install. You just need to follow a YouTube tutorial to fix the blinds at your home. If the décor in your home is a little fancier, then these blinds can fit perfect to balance it out. The aluminum blinds are available in a variety of shades and sizes so that you can easily customize them as per your requirements. When these blinds are placed on the windows the energy consumption cost for the air conditioner becomes less as it allows less sunlight into the room.

 Venetian Blinds- Control the amount of light filtering

Are you tired of the direct sunlight that’s the constant source of annoyance for you in the mornings?  If yes purchasing Venetian Blinds can help you get rid of the problem.  These blinds are timeless pieces that have 2 inches of horizontal slates that are connected either by cloth tapes or cords.  For various customization needs these blinds are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  As you explore different options in the market you get these blinds with corded, cordless, and motorized operation methods to facilitate the users.

Window Blinds Installation: Maintenance Tips for the Blinds

Blinds maintenance is crucial to keep them in tip-top- condition.  As Window Blinds Installation have direct exposure to the sunlight and other dust particles so you need to take care of the blinds in the following ways

  • Make use of either the vacuum cleaner or the dusting sheet to remove the dust from the blinds
  • As blinds develop spots and stains so gently clean the area with the help of a soft brush dipped in soapy water and then rinse it to have a clear appearance
  • The deep cleaning process of blinds should be done periodically and usually after 6 months not before that. Using water again and again might damage the slats and fabric material which impacts their functionality.
  •  Do regular inspections of the cords, chains, and other functionalities so that they show optimal performance during rolling up and down
  • To prevent fading of the blinds it is preferable to rotate the blinds occasionally so that they keep working under all the conditions

Why are hiring professionals important for window blind installation?

Measurements are the key to installing the perfect window blinds at any area of your home. The precisely measured blinds with the perfect length make your windows look attractive.  DIY projects and hiring professionals for window blind installation differ mainly due to measurement issues.  The professionals have the right set of equipment and tools for fitting blinds in a seamless manner of the Window Blinds Installation.   If you don’t have a prior experience with window treatments then installation of blinds can be a great hassle for you.

 Professional blind installation saves a great deal of time by fixing the blinds in the correct position in a short span of time.  Moreover, hiring a professional window blinds installation company can be of great benefit as they do all the work from start to finish themselves.   Firstly, they present multiple Custom blinds to the user, and after the client makes the viable choice a time of professional blind installers are sent to fix them. Another good aspect is that you can call the company for follow-ups and maintenance if you need.


With endless Window covering solutions in the market, it is difficult to make a choice  for your home., As home is your safe abode and you want to decorate it in the best possible way hire a professional blind installation to provide you with highly personalized service, IF you want to DIY blind installation then take a closer look at different blind types that are aesthetically appealing and functionally apt for your window.

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